How to get from Paris airports to Disney hotel Campanile

Disneyland Paris visitors love to stay at a Disney Hotel. Because it is making easy to reach to the Disney park the next day and leave from Disney Park to Hotel within a few minutes. Hotel Campanile is another choice for Disneyland Paris visitors. We are going to find out something about Hotel Campanile and let’s check out, how to get from Paris airports to Hotel Campanile.

Hotel Campanile and its facilities

You can get a feel for the French countryside in this charming lakeside hotel. Hotel Campanile is situated amongst the beautiful landscape. It looks like a traditional French house. Just like a mix of traditional French style apartments. BY considering the facilities in Hotel Campanile, there is only one thing to say especially than other standard hotels. It is the mini educational farm in Hotel Campanile. However, visitors can enjoy all of the major needs they accept in a hotel near Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Paris and Hotel Campanile

Distance from Disneyland Paris resort to Hotel Campanile is 7.6 km. Most of Disneyland Paris hotel situated approximately inside that distance. And some Disney hotels situated very close to Disneyland Paris, just with a walkable distance.

However, to reach the Hotel Campanile from Disneyland Paris resort, you must catch a shuttle bus or pick a privet taxi. It may take 10 minutes to reach your accommodation. Shuttle bus service related to Hotel Campanile will not available at your time as you need. But you can pick a private taxi when any time you want to get there. So, Our Paris Private taxi service will be a good choice for that short journey.

Paris airports and transportation methods in Paris city

There are three main airports situated in Paris city as Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport, Orly airport and Beauvais airport. Charles de Gaulle is the largest and busiest one among those airports. Because they facilitate millions of passengers and thousands of aircraft every year. Beauvais airport mainly operates by facilitating to budget airlines. If you are a budget passenger, your airport may be Beauvais airport. However, the other two airports also operate budget airlines. And most of Paris visitors use Charles de Gaulle for their arrival trip and departure trip. Let’s check out how to get from all these three airports to Hotel Campanile.

How to get from Charles de Gaulle airport to Hotel Campanile

Distance from Charles de Gaulle airport to hotel Campanile is 39 km. it spends around 2 hours duration to transfer by train or shuttle bus. That duration is depending on the service provider and the number of stops during the train or bus ride. If it is a shuttle bus of Hotel Campanile, it will not stop in many places. However, if you get by private taxi, it spends only 35 to 45 minutes to the total journey. It spends 60£ for the total journey to get from Charles de Gaulle to Hotel Campanile with our Paris Private Shuttle service.

How to get from Orly airport to Hotel Campanile

There is 50 km from Orly airport to Hotel Campanile. To get from Orly airport to hotel Campanile by train or shuttle bus, it may spend 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours and 30 minutes duration to the total journey. It varied for many reasons as mentioned above. However, it spends 40 min to 50 minutes duration to get from Orly airport to Hotel Campanile by a private taxi. We have the cheapest price for this journey too. With our Paris Private Shuttle service, it’s only 70£ for, get from Orly airport to Hotel Campanile.

How to get from Beauvais airport to hotel Campanile

Beauvais airport is 115 km away from hotel Campanile. This is the longest distance from a Paris Airport to Hotel Campanile. To get from Beauvais airport to Hotel Campanile by train or bus, it spends at least 2 hours and 30 minutes or more. And you have to face changes to another train in train stations. It is not easy with your baggage and kids. And it may spend more time to wait for another train or bus. Your time will waste in train and bus stations. So, it is most comfortable with a private taxi. You can reach the hotel within 1 hour and 30 min journey. With Paris Private shuttle taxies, you can transfer by 130£.

Enjoy the comfortable service of our Paris Privet Shuttle service. We are available for you anywhere in the Paris city 24/7. We will give you the cheapest price with the best quality. Once try it for a happy journey.

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