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How to get from Paris airports to hotel B&B


Hotel B&B is a Disneyland hotel. But it not very close to the Disney Park to reach by foot, as other main Disney hotels in Paris. However, Hotel B&B also provides many facilities to their customers as a Disney hotel. So, let’s going to get to know something about the Hotel B&B and checkout, how to get from Paris airports to Hotel B&B. then you can decide the best way to get.

Hotel B&B and its facilities

It is 44 km away from the Paris city centre and 4.2 km away from Disneyland Paris. So, you will spend at least 35 min to go on foot to reach the Hotel B&B from Disneyland. So, you can catch a free shuttle bus from the Disneyland Park or private taxi for transfer to the hotel. It spends only 10 min.

Hotel B&B is not a specially themed hotel by any Disney movie or cartoon series as most of Disney hotels in Paris. And it is a newly build hotel. As Disney’s official website says, with architecture of the Hotel B&B, is reminiscent of the cloisters of yesteryear. It comprises with comfortable room facilities, restaurants, Disney boutique, etc. And they also provide general and some extra services such as free wi-fi, free parking, baby sittings, etc. But there is no swimming pool or playing area there.

Paris airports and transportation methods in Paris city

There are three main international airports in Paris and three main transportation methods in Paris city. Three airports are Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport, Beauvais airport and Orly airport. All of these airports operate millions of passengers and aircraft every year. Charles de Gaulle is the busiest and largest airport among them. Beauvais airport operates as an airport for budget airlines.

You can get from each airport by train, shuttle bus or private taxi. Whatever your arrival airport, you can choose the most comfortable transportation method among the main three options. Because you can catch a train from the airport terminal train station or nearest train station, catch a shuttle bus from the airport and Private taxi from airport. But, trains and shuttle buses not available 24/7 because they travel on a shift. But you can pick a private taxi 24/7 from the airport at your arrival time. Train and buses are cheaper options. But it not may comfortable with many issues. Private taxies are soo comfortable, but not cheap as much as trains or shuttle buses. Let’s checkout, how to get from each airport to Hotel B&B by each transportation options.

How to get from Charles de Gaulle airport to Hotel B&B

Distance from Charles de Gaulle airport to Hotel B&B is only 34 km. it spends 20 min to 2 hours and 30 min duration to transfer by train or shuttle bus. That duration is depending on service provider and number of stops during the ride. It may include changes between one train to another or one bus to another. If you get by private taxi, it spends only 40 to 50 minutes to the total journey. It spends nearly 60£ for the total journey to get from Charles de Gaulle to Hotel B&B with our Paris Private Shuttle service.

How to get from Orly airport to Hotel B&B

It is a bit long-distance than transfer from Charles de Gaulle. There are 49 km from Orly airport to Disneyland hotel. You have to waste 50 min to 2-hour duration to transfer by train or shuttle bus. Facts mentioned above to time duration is affected also to this transfer as well. However, it spends 40 min to 50 min duration to get from Orly airport to Hotel B&B. We have the cheapest price for this journey too. With our Paris Private Shuttle service, it’s only 70£ for, get from Orly airport to Hotel B&B.

How to get from Beauvais airport to Hotel B&B

Hotel B&B is 114 km away from Beauvais airport. To get from Beauvais airport to Hotel Disneyland by train or bus, it spends at least 2 hours and 30 minutes or more. It may go up to 4 hours journey as well. And you have to face changes to another train in train stations. It is not easy with your baggage and kids. And it may spend more time to wait for another train. You can reach the hotel within 1 hour and 40 min journey. With Paris Private shuttle taxies, you can transfer by 130£. So, it is most comfortable with a private taxi.

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