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How to get from Charles De Gaulle to Paris city

France, Paris city is one of most attractive destinations for tourists all over the world. Because Paris city is rich with thousands of attractions.  Paris city is so attractive as same as in any season throughout the year. Paris is a home for universal icons such as Eiffel tower. And sometimes Paris is a kingdom of kids with Disneyland Paris. Paris is a world of Christmas decoration and celebrations in Christmas season. So, let’s go through something about Paris attractions and how to get from the Charles De Gaulle (CDG) airport to Paris city.

Iconic Eiffel tower

The Frist thing drawing on mind when anyone think about Paris city is Eiffel tower. Because Eiffel is such an importance icon and a landmark for France and Paris city. Nearly seven millions of visitors visit Eiffel tower in every year. It is one of the most visiting monuments in the world. Eiffel is open to visitors throughout the year. But, opening and closing time is varying by season. Don’t forget to visit it in a clear day for enjoy the view. Visit it at sunset will bring you the best view. By the way, sometimes in bad weather the Eiffel crew will not allow you to enter the tower. In special days, Eiffel covering with colorful illuminations, light shows and fireworks as well.

Disneyland Paris will make you happy

This is a world of kids and anyone who loves childhood cartoons and films of Walt Disney. Disneyland Paris consists with two main theme parks as Disneyland park and Walt Disney studio park. Most popular attractions in Disneyland Paris are Sleeping Beauty’s castle, space mountain, Park rides, etc. Meet your favorite Disney characters such as Mickey, Minnie, Sleeping Beauty, is another fantastic occasion in Disneyland Paris. In every evening Sleeping Beauty’s castle covering by fantastic illumination shows and fireworks. Special celebrations such as Christmas and Halloween brings extra magical experiences to visitors. Disneyland Paris consist with Disney themed restaurants, shops and Disney themed Hotels around the park as well.

Ancient France kingdom’s Palace of Versailles

This is an icon of France kingdom and it shows France traditional architecture. This iconic palace made with French Baroque architecture and it contains more than 5,000 pieces of furniture and 6.000 paintings. You can get a clear idea about French style of landscaping by visit Palace of Versailles. It was the principle royal residence of France from 1682 till France revolution. And last owner of this residence was Louise XVI in 1789. Palace spreads over 800 hectares. This palace consists with two French gardens named ‘Petit Parc’ and ‘Trianon’. There are 372 of statuses, 600 fountains, 55 water features and 35 km long canals in these two gardens. Palace of Versailles is open from 8 am to 8 pm everyday but Monday.

Paris Louvre museum is the world largest museum

Louvre museum has most impressive art collections of the world history such as, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Museum started in 1793 after France revolution with a collection of 537 paintings and today Louvre museum is a home for over 35,000 or artworks. Museum’s artworks divided in to eight main sectors as, Egyptian antiques, Decorative arts, near eastern antiques, Islamic art, Greek and roman and Etruscan Antiques, sculpture, paintings, prints and drawings. Museum made with baroque style. Location which the Louvre museum situated adds extra attraction to the place. Because it is on the bank of the seine river.

Meet your favorite Asterix and Obelix in Asterix park

This is a theme park which brings the experience of Asterix movies and meet your favorite Asterix and Obelix, Vitalstatistx, the chief, Impedimenta and much more characters in Asterix movies. You can visit Gaul’s village and environment shows the ancient Roman empire as well on Asterix park. It brings us ultimate attractions including more than thirty rides and six roller coasters. Asterix park also brings special day and night shows to visitors.

How to get from Charles De Gaulle airport to Paris city

Total distance from CDG airport to Paris city is 35 km. You can transfer from CDG airport to Paris, with a public train, bus or a privet taxi. The total journey costs around 35 – 50 min time to complete with train or bus. With a privet taxi service, it spends only 30 – 40 min. The option depends on your budget, your schedule and your choice. However, Public transportation services such as train and bus are cheap options. And taxi service is not a cheap option. In other side, public transport services are not comfortable to every passenger and taxi services are comfortable. Buses can’t skip the road traffic and sometimes taxies can do it. Trains will never face to any traffic issue. So, you have to think about thousands of things before select a transportation method to transfer from airport to Paris city. However, if you want to save your time and take a comfortable service, you must transfer trough a taxi service.

Paris privet shuttle service is the best

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