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How to get from Charles de Gaulle to Newport Bay Club Hotel

Most Disneyland Paris visitors seeking for stay at a hotel near Disneyland Paris. It brings thousands of Advantages, such as easy to transfer to Disneyland Paris and stay in an atmosphere with Disney touches. Fortunately, there are many hotels near Disneyland Paris. Some hotels are very closer to Disney park and some hotels are a bit closer to Disney Park.

So, here’s one of those. Let’s go through something about the Newport bay club Hotel and let’s check out, how to get from Charles de Gaulle to Newport Bay Club Hotel. Because Charles de Gaulle is the Busiest airport which serves for Paris visitors.

The Newport Bay Club Hotel

This is a very closer hotel to Disneyland Paris and is situated on the shores of lake Disney. It’s only 15 minutes of walk time to the Disney Park from the hotel. And, by shuttle service or taxi, it spends only a few minutes. The Newport Bay Club Hotel is a 4-star hotel, which offers a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere.

There are many room options to book as you wish in the Newport Bay Club Hotel. Rooms categorized as, superior rooms, superior Lakeside rooms, superior Family room, compass club 5-bed, and 6-bed family rooms, etc. And anyone can request for special room setups such as honeymoon suites, presidential suites, and resort suites as well. All the rooms comprise all significant needs.

The Newport Bay Club Hotel comprises a bar and 2 restaurants. Those are captain’s Quarters bar, Cape cod Buffer Restaurant, and Yacht club restaurant. There are two indoor and outdoor pools in the hotel for relaxing. Besides, one of the best advantages available in the Newport Bay Club Hotel is you can buy Disney gifts and holiday essentials from the hotel’s Bay boutique. And you can experience extra magical time in both Disney parks as a Disney hotel guest.

Ways to get from Charles de Gaulle to The Newport Bay Club Hotel

The total distance from Charles de Gaulle (CDG airport) to The Newport Bay Club Hotel is only 47 km. And you have many transfer options to get from the airport. You can pick a taxi from the airport or book a taxi. And you can transfer with public trains or buses as well. However, each option comes with unique features depend on time spends to transfer, comfortability, cost, availability, etc.

Get from Charles de Gaulle to The Newport Bay Club by train

To catch a train from the CDG airport, you have to walk to the airport’s train station located at terminal 2. From here, you will need to catch an RER B train to the Chatelet Les Halle’s. When after get off from that station, you have to switch to Marne-La-Vallee by an RER A train. Once you get off from Marne-La-Vallee, you have to pick a shuttle bus to reach the destination. Oops! It is not a possible way for groups with small children or lots of bags and luggage. And it spends over 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the whole journey. And, trains will not available at the airport throughout the day.

Transfer by bus

If you wish to transfer by a shuttle bus, the magic shuttle bus service is the only option that provides a direct route from the CDG airport. You can catch a magic shuttle bus from terminal 2 of the airport. Buses available from 9 am to 8 pm. It means you can’t transfer with a shuttle bus at any time you arrived. The total journey will spend over 1 hour.

Comfortable journey by taxi

To transfer from Charles de Gaulle to The Newport Bay Club by taxi, will spend 35 minutes to 45 minutes duration for the total journey. The best advantage comes with privet taxi services is availability. Most taxi services including our Paris Privet shuttle service, available 24/7 in the Paris city and CDG airport as well.

Our Paris Privet Shuttle service providing you the best service with the cheapest fees. You can book our taxis and even cancel for free. There are no hidden fees. You can enjoy a comfortable journey with any vehicle such as a car, SUV or a van as you wish. This is the best taxi service to complete your all transfers during your Paris trip.

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